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Instructions for Fee Payment:
  1. All students are required to deposit their dues as per the announced deadline in each semester. After the deadline a fine amount of Rs. 200/ day will be charged with in same semester at the time of fee payment in bank.
  2. In case of non-payment till mid-semester, the student name would be struck off from the University rolls.
  3. Re-instatement will be made only with subject to payment of regular dues and fine amount.
  4. In case of any fee and installments related issue please Contact in Finance Office:
    Ahmar Hassan Ansari
    Account Officer
    Phone: +92 61 4508500 Ext: 512
  5. In case of technical query about fee bill access/ download please contact:
    Phone: +92 61 4508500 Ext: 517
  6.  In case of any query related to Merit Scholarships, Need-based Scholarship, HEC/ ICT funds in fee bill please contact:
    Bushra Kanwal
    Phone: +92 61 4508500 Ext: 521
Guidelines for downloading your fee bill
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